Yours Truly

"Writing for Sheer Pleasure." 

Mabuhay!   Whatever the reasons that brought your cursor here in my little domain ~ Welcome!
I'm an almost 40 mother of 3, who dabbles in writing in her spare time.
A few seasons ago, I've quit corporate life, packed our bags, and move here in Singapore.
Domestic Diva is how I answer when asked of my current profession.

Ripemango Extract is my attempt to immortalize the short existence 
we have in this wonderful world.  Someday, when I turn into a funky 
70something Golden Girl, I have something to look back,
 and keep me from getting Alzheimer's.

If you share the same feelings, let's keep in touch!
It wouldn't hurt to make a new friend or two in this World.

Life is One Adventure to the Next !


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